Conspiracy theory Friday (FDA & CCHIT related)


Two fun things—First, Mark Leavitt says he’s quitting CCHIT in March. He says that he’ll be 60 then and wants to go do other stuff. Of course the cynics among you will say that he’s had enough of being beaten up by David Kibbe and Brian Klepper, and that CCHIT’s role as arbiter of meaningful use has been downgraded by David Blumenthal. Leavitt says in his outgoing email (not on any website I can find but I have a copy)

Given the current high-strung health IT news environment, the media may seek to conjure up some sensation-worthy driver of this decision, but the fact is that I am simply keeping a promise I made to my family and myself to retire from full-time work within a certain window of time”

It also happens that this announcement comes the day after Blumenthal sends out an email to the Health IT world that Vince Kuraitis (at the very least) sees as a direct shot at large health IT vendors whose products don’t play nice with others (i.e. aren’t too interoperable) yet are already CCHIT certified. Here’s Vince’s take on who should have got that email.

Second, the twittersphere has been abuzz with a series of hearings where the FDA has been taking opinions on how and why they should regulate Pharma advertising in social media. this is a non-trivial issue for both sides. Pharma wants to reach patients, patients want those social media players to exist, and the sites need money (which will have to come from Pharma, unless something changes in the space time continuum). I don’t pretend to know the outcome except to remind you all (via Bill Silberg) that a similar meeting was held more than a decade ago and the result was….nothing. no guidance, no policy.

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