Health 2.0 Conference (Oct 6-7) latest

We’re getting into the short strokes for Health 2.0. The conference is going to be in a new bigger venue (SF Concourse) with more, bigger screens and no one sitting more than 65 feet from a screen. We’ll see demos of the latest and most innovative products in Health 2.0. We have Aneesh Chopra, the CTO of the Federal Government kicking things off on Tuesday Oct 6, and Glen Tullman, CEO of Allscripts, Jonathan Bush, CEO of AthenaHealth and David Kibbe, leader of the emerging clinical groupware movement, finishing the whole thing up on Weds Oct 7. So fireworks at the start, at the end, and, yes, in the middle too.

Over 100 presenters and speakers, dozens of new product launches, the latest from Microsoft, Google, WebMD and many, many more big names, and a whole new analysis of the Health 2.0 environment from the Health 2.0 team. A special session on Health 2.0 tools for physicians. A tools panel that will show the new Health 2.0 interoperability and a host of other unplatforms. And much much more

If you care about health care and/or consumers and/or technology, you need to be there.

Here’s the agenda, here’s where to register, and our rooms in the Westin hotel block (only $199 including free wifi!) expires this Monday. So if you’ve been dithering, act now!



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