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  1. Actually I don’t see it as Obamacare. But as a spin off of the privitization part d program to pay for seniors medication. So I call it Congressional Care using the president as escape goat. Bush\Cheney would sign almost anything. Which is basically all that Bush did. I look at it as the pilot program program which will be what Privitization part d for seniors prescriptions was. A test run to see how it would work. If the insurance companies didn’t file bankruptcy then success. We have a new healthcare plan. Do you really want your healthcare in the hands of private insurance who will only be looking to profit and when they can’t they will cut. Congress is just trying to pass the problem on to some fool so they don’t get the blame.

  2. We are number 37. I lived in China, and Britain. Both places gave me superior health care to what I received in the U.S.A. I have American Academic Friends from the University of St. Andrews who are forced to stay foreign nationals because their daughter does not have a pituitary gland and no insurance would take them in the United states. We are loosing our strength as a nation by the fat pig CEOs who use my insurance premiums to buy off congress and brainwash stupid people through inflamitory advertizing campaigns that Universal health care would be bad for them. We have socialism at the top banks. Why not with our top doctors?

  3. As my brother sadly pointed out that because health insurance is so expensive they had to move production of there goods to China ,and so it goes against employment in U.S. As well.
    It might be important to be best at treating cancer , I think it would be best to prevent it in the first place ,I wonder what the figures are for that.
    The fear you have is hilarious considering what you are missing . Piece of mind that I and everyone I care for will be treated well is great .
    And as for the cost’s is’nt the war costing you a lot more.

  4. The point is that given what we spend, whatever baseline metrics are used, we should be a lot better than we are. The issues are many and are understood: rampant chronic disease, poor lifestyles, fragmented care delivery, overtreatment/undertreatment, the list goes on…
    Why do people reflexively defend a system that is collapsing under its own, unsustainable, weight?

  5. All the folks out there claiming this report can’t be right should go out and read it first. Certainly you can find things disagree with in definitions and methodology, but when you start to see how the US compares to other advanced nations you finally see the grim reality of American health care: a third world delivery system with top notch care for those with money.

  6. World Health ranking is a joke. Better bet is on almost any form of cancer or other major illness for survival rate. Anyone with sense comes to the good ol USA unless we get Obama care. When congress puts themselves, their families, all federal workers, and the unions on the plan they crap out and they stay on it for 10 years showing lower costs and better quality for care and access, then it might make sense. The only fact you need to know is they exempt themselves from getting on this crapola.

  7. So, Mr. Holt actually believes that the health care system in Morocco (ranked 29 by WHO) is better the the US system (ranked 37 by WHO).
    I won’t bother going into detail about the ridiculous ranking methodology used in that report. I’ve learned that reason doesn’t go far here on this little blog.
    What parallel universe do you health care collectivists inhabit anyway?