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Economist: “A huge step forward. With one exception …”

A thumbs up:

“Cleverly borrowing good ideas from both sides of the party divide, his proposals at least look like a plausible basis for agreement. The plan obliges everyone to take out health insurance while creating a tapering subsidy for poorer families to help them afford it. It also requires insurance companies to end various nefarious practices, such as refusing to insure people with existing conditions or cancelling their coverage just when they need it most. To pay for these long-held liberal goals (the cost is put at $900 billion over ten years), the president has committed himself to several policies that Republicans, if only they could remove their partisan spectacles, should applaud.

There is, for instance, a tax on insurance companies that offer “Cadillac” plans to richer individuals; since this will inevitably be passed on to consumers, it is a useful step towards making individuals aware of the cost of their coverage. He has made a cast-iron pledge that he will not sign a health bill that increases the deficit, and has promised automatic spending cuts if savings do not materialise. He wants to set up a new technocratic committee that could mandate changes to the hugely expensive Medicare system of health care for the elderly (an idea that cleverly takes such difficult decisions out of the hands of politicians, who have displayed a lamentable failure to grapple with them). And the president also promised conservatives reform of America’s mad tort system. The risk of being sued pushes up costs, obliging doctors to practise “defensive medicine” in the shape of needless tests and procedures.

“Obama’s big speech”

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  1. “boys hitting each other,”
    If you watch without prejudice you will see the white boy wasn’t hitting back. Would love to see how you classify rape with this logic. She was involved so it must have been consensual?
    THis quote from a student sums it up;
    Katherine Showalter, 17, a senior at Belleville West, said the incident was all the talk at school Tuesday.
    “All he wanted to do was sit down and get to school,” she said.
    Use to be a time when the left stood up for people that were beaten just for wanting to learn. Guess those days are long gone.

  2. Do you really think if a black kid was beaten by multiple white kids while more white kids stood arond cheering it would be just a fight? And it isn’t so much the color of the kids skin but the mentality. All the people standing around cheering, the thought they could do this and get away with it. This wasn’t a fight it was an attack. The kids that attacked him, and those that cheered aren’t interested in getting an educacation. They aren’t worth the tens of thousands we are wasting on them. That money should instead be spent giving those that are trying the best education possible, like the students that intervened to stop the fight.

  3. Nate, kids have been fighting in school since the invention of schools. It has nothing to do with black and white. I’m not condoning boys hitting each other, but it happens in all white, all black and all purple schools every day. I have two boys and I’ve seen a fair share of this sort of misbehavior. This is not a political issue. That article is ridiculous. The boys need to be disciplined and the bus driver needs to be fired.
    Oh, BTW, I live in St. Louis and our paper obviously sucks.

  4. But if the poor folks weren’t out there working, who would pick up the trash, wash dishes in restaurants, mow the suburb lawns, wait on tables, wash floors, dry clean,……etc. etc.? It takes an entire destitute village to support the American Dream….
    Where do you live? Garbage men in Vegas make around 80K. My pool and lawn people own their own businesses and make very comfortable livings, I would guess 50-100K a year. Waitresses make minimum wage but before the recession with tips also make 30-75K+. The asian lady that runs the dry cleaners is banking, to be racist those people know how to turn dry cleaners and donut shops into money mines. I get the impression you really don’t know any of these people. That always ammused me about the left, you claim to stand up and speak for people you don’t even know.
    Opportunity – I was born with an IQ in the top 2% of all people in the world. Is that fair to the other 98%? Should I be forced to have a labotomy to make opportunity fair? With my blessings came disadvantages like less then brad pitt looks, I don’t think that is fair. I never got to date cheerleaders or induldge in the benefits of great looks. When do I get my government provided cheerleader? People are not equal, they never will be. We are each given what we have and it is up to us to make the best of it. Here in Cleveland we have this ball player named LeBron, guy has god given gifts like no player ever before him, should he have to play with an arm tied behind his back so some white kid has equal opportunity?
    “I would never support spaying and neutering of people.”
    How many drug addicted kids should a women be allowed to have? How many kids that he refuses to support should a guy be allowed to father? I think unlimited is the wrong answer, do you think they should have as many as they want and it is up to society to take care of them?
    Watch this video and tell me how you would handle it.
    Without having all the facts this is the reality we have to deal with, kids that want to learn and do nothing wrong being prevented by kids that don’t. When do you finally hold these kids responsibile? I know a kid that had something very similar happen to him years ago and was left mentally handicapped. It is wrong to make good kids suffer at the hands of the bad. Why do you give the bad the right to destroy lives? Something very similar happened like this 2 weeks ago in Cleveland. People need to be held responsibile and the left refuses to do it. If you even bring this up your labeled a racist. I rather a few bad kids that might have been able to turn their life around be lost then the thousands of good kids who get dragged down with them.

  5. OK Nate… Let’s do it one by one:
    Drugs – I made the reference to drugs because somehow when we talk about poverty, you mention drugs, so I wanted to clarify that an automatic association is uncalled for. Rich kids do drugs too, and where I live they do that more often than the poor kids, but suffer no consequences whatsoever.
    Hard work – I don’t have a percentage, so I’m sorry to say, there is nothing for you to mock. But if the poor folks weren’t out there working, who would pick up the trash, wash dishes in restaurants, mow the suburb lawns, wait on tables, wash floors, dry clean,……etc. etc.? It takes an entire destitute village to support the American Dream….
    Opportunity – Yes, some folks are exceptional and are able to break out of poverty, but that is just the exception. So here is my question Nate, why is it that if you are born on the right side of the tracks, mediocrity will work well enough, but if you are born on the wrong side of said tracks, you must be exceptional to survive? Is that considered equal opportunity?
    Government – I do agree that the government should remove children from abusive homes more often than it does and I would also like to see more money going to child services. However, as liberal as I may be, I would never support spaying and neutering of people. Sometimes freedom hurts, but lack thereof has the potential to hurt more.
    Smoking and Drinking – Smoking addiction is more prevalent in population with low education levels (white, black, urban and rural), so fix education and smoking will take care of itself in the next generation. Simple folks drink more beer than fine wine and fancy cocktails. I guess they are human too and share some of the vices of their wealthy cousins, but can’t afford the expensive stuff, so they are boozers.
    Percentages – Nate, 40% or 60% (your figures are a bit mixed up) is not an acceptable rate of failure. The school district that my kids go to has a voluntary bus transfer program from the city. A large percentage of the bussed kids go on to college, but some still end up in jail. By all accounts, it works well, but I don’t think it works well enough. We have to do more than just provide good schools for a few hours and only a few months of the year. Much more. And it will cost a boatload of money.
    There is no excuse for having American children learn to carry guns and deal drugs in dark corners long before they can learn how to drive a car. These are babies, Nate. They can’t be held accountable for making bad decisions and the sins of the fathers should not be allowed to visit upon them.

  6. “Nate, most poor people are not addicted to drugs.”
    I am beginning to see most liberals are incapable of honest debate. Margalit please cut and paste where I said anything close to most poor people are addicted to drugs. Between the lefts blanket claims of racism and sexism I don’t know how I maintain the patience to educate you all. If I never said anything close to most poor people are on drugs then why are you starting your response with it? You seem at times to be pretty well educated, I’ll assume you know what a straw man is, what did they ever do to you to justify their sacrifice at your alter of liberalism?
    “They are hard working folks”
    All of them are? 90%? 70%? Exactly how many do you believe are hard working? There is no wrong answer I am asking your opinion. Unlike your argument I would like to mock what you actually say not some poor straw man that never did me wrong.
    “with no chance in site to better their situation and no tools to better their children’s future.”
    From earlier;
    “I know that some poor kids from gang infested inner cities somehow grow up and bootstrap themselves into a successful life. This does not prove anything other than that these are exceptional individuals.”
    Well what is it, one retort you claim it is possible then the next retort there is no chance in site. If you’re going to argue both sides you really don’t need me do you? Why is it some exceptional individuals do make it and others do not, should we not model assistance after that which helped the exceptional instead of expanding on what failed the average?
    “How does that sit with your other views regarding government intrusion into one’s wallet?”
    Glad you asked, I have a huge * after all of my philosophical beliefs. When it comes to truly helping the innocent and children who are victims of their birth there is no limit. Darfur should have been invaded years ago. Rwanda never should have been allowed to happen. Giving money to mass murderers to feed their citizens is not aid its enabling genocide. We can’t spend enough money freeing people from tyranny and abuse. I have no problem paying to keep child rapist locked away for life and no problem paying to sterilize women and men that have drug addicted kids. I think foster parents should be paid enough to care for kids that there is competition for them. I want to see a day where a foster kid gets to pick from 5-10 families that want them. Knowing they will never again have to worry about abusive parents. Unlike Liberals I want to help those that truly need help, not those that I am assured will vote for me.
    For a simple lesson on why your ideology is completely wrong please justify the smoking rate among the poor. If these people are so poor they need my help how is it they can afford a smoking habit? If they are such great hard working people that are only where they are because the hand they were dealt why do they continue to make poor decisions? The cost of smoking alone is enough to lift a family from poverty. Add in what they spend on alcohol and it is clear life choices are what doom a large percentage of poor to being poor. Large would be 20-40% as applicable to those two conditions.
    Apply some basic math, if 40% of the poor can’t be helped because they refuse to make good decisions wouldn’t concentrating our billions on the 60% who can be helped be the logical investment? Why do you insist on wasting money on 40% of the poor who can’t be helped at the cost of really helping the other 60%?
    Just imagine if we identified the 40% of kids in public school that were making an actual effort to learn, those that wanted to graduate, pulled them out into special schools and gave them every resource available. The 60% that fail now and don’t graduate would still be drop outs but the 40% who suffer with them would have the best education in the world. Think how much difference that would make not only to these particular kids, remember these are real individual kids’ lives we destroy currently, but to their communities and to the country as a whole. How do you justify the liberal education establishment and the millions of lives it ruins before they even get started?

  7. Nate, most poor people are not addicted to drugs. They are hard working folks with no chance in site to better their situation and no tools to better their children’s future. That’s where I want the billions to go.
    You keep telling revolting stories of a fringe minority and seem to be willing to expand government role to taking kids away and sterilizing women. How does that sit with your other views regarding government intrusion into one’s wallet?
    There will always be people that make all the wrong choices in life. Poverty just makes it easier to make them.

  8. Margalit remember welfare reform? Your argument today was the exact same argument used to try and stop it. All these poor people that never had a fair chance are going to die in the streets if we reform welfare. What was the actual result…unquestionable success. Government has never been capable of choosing who needs help and how much.
    I’ll assume you don’t beleive there is a limitless pool of other peoples money for you to spend. Knowing their is a finite amount of money wouldn’t you rather give extra money and opportunity to the poor kid busting their ass trying to do right then wasting it on the gang banger up to no good? But the left isn’t happy with that, they rather everyone do equally poor then some excel.
    If you really cared about the kids you wouldn’t want to pour billions into failed schools. Remember it is liberals that insist the drug addicted parnets get to keep their kids until they kill them. If you really cared about the kids any mom that brings a kid into this world already addicted to drugs would lose all parental rights and be forceably stearlized. There are moms that give birth to 5+ kids all addicted to drugs, they just keep poping them out. Why does the left tolerate this?
    The left hasn’t had a good idea to help the disadvantged in decades. They’ll take the money and claim they are helping them but it only makes things worse.
    To many poor are like spolied kids, if you enbable them they will continue, you aren’t doing them any favors by doing it.
    Peter why am I in real estate, my family never bought investment properities, in fact I dragged most of them into it. Why am I in the stock market and other investments? Again I manage most of my family members accounts or advise them where to invest. My family was never in the music and promotion business. I’m in all those businesses because I work my ass off, read everything I can get my hand off, and am not afraid to fail and fall on my ass, again, again, and again. I’ve broken the straps on more then one pair of boots pulling them up so much.

  9. Thanks for the articulate comment, Margalit Gur-Arie.
    When you’re done trying to talk to Nate, there’s a brick wall over there that also needs convincing.

  10. I wasn’t retreating from anything, just the degree of hyperbole. There is no doubt that Obama has no clue how to run an economy or a country. He is doing much more damage than Osama ever could.
    So, you say that the President of the United States is “doing more damage” than the leader/financier of a terrorist organization that hijacked 4 planes, destroyed two very large skyscrapers, damaged the Pentagon, killed 3,000+ people (all innocent of anything, BTW), etc.?
    Good to know you’re retreating from the hyperbole.
    I was pretty sure that I landed at a healthcare blog, but for a minute there it looked like Free Republic.
    OT – keep it classy, Nate.

  11. Nate, whether you like it or not, some kids are born with two strikes against them, others are born with three balls (don’t go there) and most of us are somewhere in between. For the lucky ones school just reinforces what mom and dad are doing. For the unfortunate ones, school is there to try and undo the already existing, and ongoing, damage. Sometimes it works, mostly it does not.
    The net result, as Peter put it rather well, is that we are creating yet another generation of failed citizens and all of us will have to bear the financial and social cost in the future.
    I submit that the cost of solving the problem while these citizens are children is smaller than the cost of dealing with the results once they become adults. It’s simple economics and it should make sense even if you don’t empathize with the people caught in this cycle of failure.
    I know that some poor kids from gang infested inner cities somehow grow up and bootstrap themselves into a successful life. This does not prove anything other than that these are exceptional individuals. In order for a system to be considered successful, it needs to show success for the majority, and our inner cities education system does not.
    Just like our debate regarding healthcare, some individuals need more resources than others in order to pull through. One size fits all does not work very well for healthcare or education.
    A well functioning society is much like a well functioning family unit. You don’t just stand by and watch one of your kids fail, saying that he/she had the same opportunity as the other ones, so….too bad.
    If we are to be successful as a society, as a country, we must bring everyone along. Some of us may be doing most of the pulling today, but the ones we nurture today, may be the ones doing the pulling tomorrow and considering how global economies are changing every day, we will need all the pulling we can get in the coming years.

  12. “Adversity is great at wedding out the week, I think we have to many week people.”
    The so called “weak” end up in our prisons and on our social welfare roles – so you end up paying no matter what – pay it up front or on the back end. I didn’t see much weeding out of “weakness” in our financial sector in the latest crash, just accomodation for crooks, liars and thieves. If you look at the past you will see at least 12 major bailouts of corporate “weakness” and the continuing corporate tax incentive game, much of which takes money way from local communities and schools, has nothing to do with adversity training.
    There is a reason most kids do what their daddy did, and it has little to do with adversity. Why are you in the insurance business Nate, because you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps or because your family was in the business?

  13. Jerry,
    I wasn’t retreating from anything, just the degree of hyperbole. There is no doubt that Obama has no clue how to run an economy or a country. He is doing much more damage than Osama ever could.
    So, dude, or should I say “nurse”, try to conceal your contempt for doctors when you work. Here it has entertainment value, which is certainly welcome to me.

  14. Margalit that is Liberal BS. Every school gives every student the opportunity to show up and make the most of it. I went to HS in Las Vegas, first year in Vegas after moving from one of the top school districts in all of ohio was culture shock. Half the year we had a police escort due to gang fights. A couple kids in my class had monitoring bracelts. My class had around 1200 of which 700 graduated. Most of the black kids did not graduate. I personally know a number that did. Instead of banging or acting the fool they went to class, did the homework and learned. Most had after school jobs. They went on to college or good trade jobs and have a nice life today, a couple of them very successful. THe black kids that failed not only had the same opportunity as the white, asian, and jewish kids, but they surely had the same opportunity as the other black kids that rode the same bus and lived next door to them. THe only difference between the two groups is one put in the effort and the other did not. To say otherwise is liberal victimism. McDonalds, or Naugals where I started, didn’t discriminate, they would hire anyone. Those of us that putin the effort now have something to show for it. Those that didn’t work got what they put into it.
    Why are you always making excuses for people that don’t deserve it and devaluing the work of those that do?
    Ohio did it, State Supreme court found the state funding was discrimintory becuase the rich suburbs spent more and had better results then the poorly ran cities.
    Deliberations raged for seven years at the Ohio Supreme Court, where political and philosophical discord among the seven justices sometimes overshadowed the weighty issue at hand.
    The justices declared Ohio’s system of funding schools unconstitutional four times, the first ruling arriving 10 years ago this week.
    Nathan DeRolph, the 15-year-old high-school freshman at Sheridan High School in Perry County who lent his name to the 1991 lawsuit against the state by 550 school districts.
    And it had a profound impact. Since the Supreme Court first ruled the school-funding system unconstitutional on March 24, 1997, the state has spent billions on new schools, increased per-student aid 66 percent, and spent hundreds of millions in extra money for poor schools.
    Perry has a nuke power plant and thus LOTS of money, they spent a fortune on their schools.
    critics say the system remains unconstitutional because it relies too heavily on the unequal yields of local property taxes, forcing scores of school districts to live a hand-to-mouth existence, begging their voters every few years for more money.
    Basically a county who spends their money wisely must subsidize the poorly run Liberal school districts. If a County wants to spend more of their own money then say Cleveland wants to that is discimintory supposedly.
    So no local control any more. Between states and federal it was all taken away.
    Peter no one said life was easy. Look what our forefathers went through to create this nations. Looks what their kids did to protect it. Now the left whines if someone has to overcome social pressure to get an education? Adversity is great at wedding out the week, I think we have to many week people.

  15. The reason the educational system looked good 50s, 60s, 70s, is because you could get a decent manufacturing job with good wages (30K) with high school or less, now with manufacturing shipped to the poor South (thanks to government incentives and anti-union legislation) or China, etc. those good paying/low education jobs are gone. The kids from the same type of families now must seek out higher and higher education to keep up, which was never their motivation, but even the high education jobs are going to India where good education and lower costs are available. There are for sure failing schools and poor teachers, but poor/none parental motivation and social peer pressure are much stronger than any teacher can be. It does take a village to raise a child. Here in my state kids who want to go to further their education or even better job opportunities must leave their families and county – a very difficult process with high expenses that their families cannot afford. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but when you put more and more road blocks to success in front of children then the failure rate will be much higher, especially when they have no connections or success models to emulate.

  16. Nate, there is very little opportunity to take advantage of in most inner city schools, which is part of a general lack of opportunity in low income areas. Rural schools are not much better. Good schools are by and large in affluent municipalities and the quality is paid for by the residents. I am not aware of a mechanism by which failing cities can confiscate funds from these suburbs.
    Our education system may not be as troubled as our healthcare system, but there really is no equal opportunity for all kids in this country.

  17. so now your calling me a racist Jerry? Thank you for confessing your intellectual insecurity and inferiority asshole.
    Typical Liberal, can’t argue facts so just start labeling everyone racist and hope the soptlight moves off your ignorance. weak Jerry very weak

  18. i would say 70s and back with some pockets of great education lasting into the 90s with very few left.
    Education is no longer at the local level. When Counties were responsible for their education it was great in most places. When cities started failing and then confiscating funding from other counties is when all education started to decline.
    We will never have equal outcome but kids should have equal opportunity. If they and their parents choose to not take advantage of those opportunities they should suffer those consiquences. If Large cities ran by democrats are to corrupt to manage their responsibilites they shouldn’t be allowed to destory the subburbs with them.

  19. Nate, when exactly did we have the best education system in the world?
    Are you referring to the system before the nineteen sixties, or the system of the nineteen century? Education became compulsory in this country very early on.
    I thought you would appreciate the public education system, since most funding and control for public education is at a local level, and you seem to not want the feds to get involved in stuff like this.

  20. you have a small window of time to get treated Peter or your infected for life!
    I see healthcare going the way of Education. We use to have the best education in the world for 80%+ of the population. In their attempt to equalize the outcome instead of helping the bottom 20% they brought down the successful 80%. Now our education system is a failure compared to other nations. When they passed Medicare instead of helping the 13% that needed it they brought down the care and raised the cost of the 87%. We keep building these government pools that fail to raise those that need it and drag down those that didn’t.

  21. I’ve got to agree Peter, if all we’re doing here is throwing everyone in the pool to drown, what the hell is the point?

  22. Personally I’m for paying a tax on any company health plan. Are the people forced to buy insurance under this plan going to be able to get a tax deductible credit to even out the unfair tax advantage that company plans offer their employees? If I’m being forced to buy a Massachusetts style nothing-changes-except-universality plan then I can’t support this plan. We need to get the money from million dollar specialists, docs that refer to their own imaging clinics, million dollar healthcare execs, not-for-profit-profit BCBS, drug companies and device makers through negotiated prices, and yes spend till you puke tax supported elder care because they want everyone else to use their taxes while they fight tax increases for themselves then pass their assets on to their kids. Wait! Help, I think I’m having a Nate moment.

  23. is that because people didn’t like the truth or Schiff was an unattractive gentleman?

  24. MD as HELL – “Please forgive my exaggerations; they are for entertainment value.”
    aka, “I was just kidding. Can’t you take a joke?”
    Trying to wriggle away from being responsible for your own words and actions. That’s the lamest excuse in the book.
    Dude, do they seriously let you near patients?

  25. Nate’s comments on this blog remind me of watching Peter Schiff on CNBC in 2007.
    The truth is ugly.

  26. Bev M.D. I’m feeling poetic this morning and wrote this for you, pretty sure they will be teaching this at Universities when I pass on.
    “What does it say about your beliefs when you prefer an eloquent lie over the harsh truth?”
    Nate 9/09

  27. cdf,
    Every day I wake up and help small employers continue to offer insurance. I find new and innovative ways for them to reduce the premium they pay insurance companies. I help their employees more efficiently use the benefits they have available. Every day I do this inspite of illadvised government reform that always fails to deliver what they promised but always increase cost.
    What have you done, what has Washington done? Unlike your empty rhetoric and broken promises I’m actually makeing a difference. More then what can be said about anyone on the left.
    bev M.D. if your skipping my post you must have someone reading them to you becuase you have commented since your threat. It’s ok to want the truth, even if you don’t like the package it is delivered in.
    I really hope the comments posted on this blog the last few weeks by supposed economist are not indicitive of the inteligence and education of all economist.
    “a tax on insurance companies that offer “Cadillac” plans to richer individuals;”
    Actually most Cadillac plans are for union members. School teachers, muncipilaties, and trade Unions are the ones that would be taxed. Granted I think they should be as these plans aren’t insurance by any means but it would be nice if people get the basic facts right.
    “He has made a cast-iron pledge that he will not sign a health bill that increases the deficit,”
    The same cast iron that would take public funding for his campaign? Not allow Lobbyist in his Administration? Post bills for 5 days before they are voted on? Debates on C-Span? etc etc yes please give me more cast iron pledges from Obama. I seem to remember a cast iron law that Medicare would pay providers fair rates until it was removed. I seem to Remember Medicare use to be an option before Washington decided to take away your Social Security if you tried to waive.
    “And the president also promised conservatives reform of America’s mad tort system.”
    Actually he did no such thing, he promised an ex employee of the trial lawyers would study it.

  28. Ladies and Gentlemen, I keep hearing about how the health care reform is being “rushed” the debate/reform has been going on for how many years now? I know since the 70s. How much slower can it be? Better yet, screamers and complainers what have you done lately?

  29. “I constantly hear about the shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. What impact will the increase of 40-50 million new insured patients have on the system?”
    Fewer unncessary emergency room visits and more necessary visits to GP’s, which is how it should be.

  30. Unfortunately, even with all of the debate and histrionics around the health care debate, no one is talking about the real issue. First everyone gets health care if they need it and second, someone pays for it. In some cases, when beneficiaries of government programs get care, private health plans pay. For example, when a beneficiary of the Indian Health Service gets care and they have an employer with a private plan, the cost of the care for that beneficiary is charged back to the private health plan. Therefore, the I.H.S. increases its budget by shifting the cost of care to the private sector.
    Make no mistake; it is not just the I.H.S. It is also Medicaid, Medicare and the military health care system. Private health plans also bear part of the cost of the care for the indigent, who have no government provided insurance or private insurance. Also, each of these government plans supports employees who are paid to shift the cost of care from their organization to any other plan that they can find.
    In short, there is no point in creating another plan to shift the cost of care around the economy. We need a commitment from the Federal Government (maybe the President) that if another plan is created and promise benefits to a group of beneficiaries, they will fully fund the cost of providing that care.
    Until that time, we should not be creating any new programs that cannot support the cost of their promises. The end result is that the employers that support their own private plans end up paying for those programs through higher premiums.
    So, when do we start talking about the real issue here; when will everyone be required to pay for their promises?

  31. Question: I constantly hear about the shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. What impact will the increase of 40-50 million new insured patients have on the system?

  32. bev M.D.
    I am outrageous at times, very sarcastic and over the top. From where I stand, the American economy cannot stand this program. It will be like $8.00 per gallon gasoline.
    Please forgive my exaggerations; they are for entertainment value. I am a serious career ED doc who sees human nature at its worst every day. There is no one in government who is anticipating the utter chaos that this will create.
    I truly believe we will not have a viable country if we don’t stop this insanity. If GM can go down, the USA can go down. What will pevent it if not fiscal responsibility?

  33. OK, MD as HELL, I have recognized your discontent as a fellow doc, but the Osama crack was WAY out of line. You can join Nate as an automatic scroll-down. Both of you have your points but completely lose your audience by not controlling your emotions.

  34. “the president has committed himself to several policies that Republicans, if only they could remove their partisan spectacles, should applaud”
    When the president puts in writing in the bill everything he said in the speech, including putting tort reform in the bill, not some test case trial in some small state, then you will see more acceptance.
    No cuts to medicare recipients and no one in between them and their doctor ever. sacred trust.
    No taxes on anyone making under 250,000 annual income no way no how no type. So no pass thru taxes charged to one that takes money from these folks
    No healthbill that is not revenue neutral, not even a dime.
    No illegal immigrants getting healthcare insurance and this should include no later changes that make them legal with amnesty programs.
    If some sort of government plan, Only 5% of Americans will be on this plan and it will not get any favored treatment from tax or special benefits that make competition unfair for insurance companies.
    No one will be forced on the government plan which means no company now offering its employees healthcare can opt for the government plan without their OK or they are being forced on government plan.
    This would be a good start in fulfilling his commitments to the people. Will wait until hell freezes over to see them.

  35. Yes, Osama wants universal health care … the ultimate weapon.
    Dude, you are an unhinged lunatic. But your infantile humor and irrational hatred are really working for you. Our country and this blog are better off because of it. You are like the verbal equivalent of a suicide bomber.

  36. “Technocratic”; now there is a word that should scare the hell out of anybody. Who will be the czar here?
    The $900 billion is over and above the premiums now paid that will be confiscated through intimidation and destruction of the private insurance industry.
    The 8% payroll tax will mean higher unemployment, since cutting the payroll will be incentivized.
    The downward spiral of the economy as a result of giving the people what they think they want is the fulfilled dream of Osama