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SXSW–Vote for me, or those other guys!

So in Austin every year they have this SXSW conference. Indu goes every year and raves about it. Last year Jay Drayer from CareFlash put me on a panel (but it didn’t get selected). This year he has a different group. But don’t worry, has proposed a panel entitled Sick Clicks: The Evolution of Health Online that will feature me and other buds including Susannah Fox, Associate Director of Digital Strategy at the Pew Internet & American Life Project,Catherine Ulbricht, founder of Natural Standard and Jay Parkinson, founder of

The bizarre thing is that SXSW is a democratic event and you have to vote for it. So please go vote for us here. And if you want to vote for Jay Drayer’s motley crue, well they’re here (and they’re pretty damn good too…)

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  1. Hi Matt…as someone who lived and breathed SXSW for 10 years, I’ll cast my vote for you and will spread the word to all my Austin friends too. Good luck! And hope to see you on that panel.

  2. This looks great, but the panel needs to include an ‘expert’ patient. Somebody to whom health seekers look for information and advice. Somebody who is connected to several patient communities online, using a variety of social networking technologies. Just my thought. 😉

  3. Hey Matt, it would be great to see you at SXSW, since it has been the premier place for web technologies and design for more than a decade.
    Myself and Dr. Kolmes’ 2010 panel proposal is called “From Freud to Facebook” — please consider voting “thumbs up” here for it:
    We had two independent fantastic “core conversations” last year at SXSW 2009. Mine was on e-health and social networking and Dr. Kolmes’ conversation was about online and mental health.
    One question, though… Why do you think it “bizarre” that ordinary people — you know, the folks who actually pay to attend the event — help determine what panels get approved? That seems like a pretty odd comment given the egalitarian nature of Health 2.0 and e-patients (like the only “proper” way to design a conference is by the people who organize it?).

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