Shaking my fist at Jon Cohn

Today Stephen Hawking gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not bad for a guy the British NHS had its “death panel” kill off in the 1960s.  Meanwhile the real star of the day is not the guy who was on Canadian TV yesterday, but instead it’s The New Republic health care guru (and blogger at The Treatment) Jon Cohn who was just great on the Colbert —even revealing to Colbert that his insurance policy included death panels too. Colbert of course thought that this meant he could have his staff put to death.

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Jonathan Cohn

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  1. Did anyone ever think that maybe the way it was being looked after before was wrong. Us Canadians don’t have the deficit Americans have but don’t pay for health care either. Just because its different doesn’t make it wrong.

  2. I can’t believe that American’s are so afraid of their Government that they refuse to listen to what is being said. We in Canada have wonderful care provided for everyone!!! If it is an emergency there is no wait time. Wake up and don’t “assume”, we all know where that gets you.

  3. No matter what is said about this health care issue, it will bankrupt our nation in a few short years. Govt only knows how to spend, not manage money. They will trip over themselves to spend and spend and grow this thing bigger and more costly levels. It’s unsustainable.