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Biggest and best month ever on THCB

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be heading to England to tell those Limeys how to do healthcare right the American way….or something like that, and then off to China. I’ll be back in Freedonia in about 10 days

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the stellar month we’ve had at THCB. Apart from last October when the election and Google brought lots of people to THCB (particularly to one excellent article by Bob Laszewski on Obama’s health plan) this has been by far our most heavily trafficked month. We’ll end up somewhere around 85,000 visits and 135,000 page views. And the quality of the writing in posts from Jeff Goldsmith, David Kibbe and Brian Klepper, Roger Collier, Michael Millenson, Susannah Fox and many many more, has been excellent. In addition we’ve had lots of controversy notably in Daniel Gilden’s fascinating piece on McAllen and Grand Junction that’s been read and commented on by lots of very very astute people. Then there’s been the campaigns like, and lots of fun back and forth in many many comments.

So many thanks to THCB editor-in-chief John Irvine & associate editor Ian Kibbe for keeping the wheels turning, to all our contributors, to our sponsors/advertisers who enable us to keep the lights on, and of course to all of you for coming and reading and having your say! — Matthew Holt / THCB Publisher

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