Problems with IE? Try Firefox or earlier versions of I.E.

For those of you using certain versions of Internet Explorer, we’re having some significant problems in the last day or so on THCB getting things like the right hand margins to appear, getting videos to appear and play properly, etc. (Issue seems to be limited to I.E. 8.)  For now, these appear to be resisting the easy fix, BUT the good news is that everything is working fine in FireFox. So to those of you having trouble, can we suggest you use FireFox for the moment to view THCB and we hope to have regular service resumed soon.

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  1. I think I’ve read that Firefox is actually used by more people than IE these days. I would highly recommend it … it is more secure, most people find it slightly faster, and there are many good add-ons available to improve it even more. I’d highly recommend the add-on Adblock Plus.

  2. Let me jump in with a fan-boy recommendation that you also look at Opera browser. It’s fast, lightweight, and it passed Acid3 with a score of 100 a year ago.

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