Calendar: Tufts Summer Institute on Web Strategies for Health Communication

What do millions of people do online and why does this matter to
healthcare? That question, and many related ones about how to take
advantage of the Web for health communication, will be answered in a
new course offered by Tufts University School of Medicine on Web
Strategy for Health Communication
, http://webstrategiesforhealth.com.
This one-week intensive course will be offered July 19-24 to help heath
communication professionals develop, justify, and implement a coherent
Web strategy for their organization.
Students will learn from Tufts faculty and industry experts, including:
will learn best practices through case studies from leading healthcare
organizations. For some organizations, including Consumer Reports
Health, they will conduct Web strategy "makeovers". "Our challenge is
how to leverage our trusted brand to engage consumers online, explain
the scientific evidence behind their healthcare options, and ultimately
empower them to change their behavior so that they can live healthier
lives," said Tara Montgomery, who will be presented with the results
from student teams.

Another case study is Families for Depression Awareness.
“We started a Facebook page hoping it would bring more people to our
Web site but we don’t think it’s working,” Ritu Gill, Staff Member.
They also use twitter
but have one person they are following (moi), two tweets, and three
followers. Given limited staff and budget, how can they best use their
resources to help patients?

Other case studies are from the Road
Back Foundation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, CureTogether,
Weight Watchers, and TuDiabetes.com. While the organizations differ in
many respects, they share the goal of how to best leverage Web
technologies today and in the future.

For more information go to: http://webstrategiesforhealth.com

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  1. I would like to hear about this if it is repeated and or if resources are available separately. Good luck!
    Beth Boynton, RN, MS
    Author, Confident Voices: The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces