Sword-swallowing and health care?

I have no idea why this was at HealthcampNashville today, but here’s sword swallower Dan Meyer swallowing a huge sword with change:healthcare’s Chris Parks removing it!


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  1. The reason I was invited to speak at HealthCamp Nashville and other Science/Medical events is because I won the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard for my paper “Sword Swallowing and it’s side-effets” that was published in the British Medical Journal.
    My presentation was on the history of medical technology research using sword swallowers as human guinea pigs since Dr. Adolf Kussmaul developed the rigid endoscope on a sword swallower in 1868, and the first electrocardiagram, and other other research was done using sword swallowers over the past 150 years.
    February 28th is celebrated as International Sword Swallowers Day as part of National Swallowing Disorders month, and members of the Sword Swallowers Association put on medical demonstrations doing x-rays, fluoroscopes, and endoscopes at hospitals and medical centers around the world.
    For more info visit the link or contact me!
    Hope this helps clarify!
    All the best,
    Dan Meyer
    Sword Swallowers Association Int’l (SSAI)
    For more info

  2. It’s to demonstrate what patients and premium payers will have to go through before they see any meaningful healthcare reform.