Blog Rally for Roxana Saberi and others

Blue_Ribbon_Campaign_banner Bloggers across the web are holding a blog rally in support of Roxana Saberi, who is spending her birthday on a hunger strike in Tehran's Evin Prison, where she has been incarcerated for espionage. According to NPR, "The Iranian Political Prisoners Association lists hundreds of people whose names you would be even less likely to recognize: students, bloggers, dissidents, and others who, in a society that lacks a free press, dare to practice free expression."

We here at THCB have decided to join the Blue Ribbon campaign (Blue is for blogging) to honor and show support for those journalists, bloggers, students and writers imprisoned in Evin Prison, nicknamed "Evin University," and other prisons around the world, for speaking and writing their minds. 

Please consider placing a blue ribbon on your blog or website this week to show your support.  Also, please ask others to join this blog rally.

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  1. The detention of Ms. Saberi and other innocent Iranians like her is the tragic result of Iran confusing the free exchange of information with espionage. In a related case, Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei were accused of fomenting a revolution because of their international AIDS work. They have been jailed in Tehran since June 2008, and they are on their final appeal. Physicians for Human Rights and a coalition of activists are organizing a Global Day of Action on behalf of the Drs. Alaei on May 12 at Iranian embassies around the world to show Iran that treating AIDS is not a crime. See http://iranfreethedocs.org/ for ways to participate.

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