NaviNet (nee NaviMedix) explains all

So now I really am playing catch up from last week at WHCC and the week before at HIMSS. At both places was (appropriately enough) a company that connects health plans and providers. Like AnvitaHealth it too has changed it’s name–from NaviMedix to Navinet.

I spoke with CEO Brad Waugh and VP of Marketing, Kendra Obrist about the name change, the company’s role in the healthcare payment system and where they are thinking about going in the future (hint: services for consumers). And in case you want to find out more (and this does sound like THCB turning into a commercial but you have to forgive me this week) Navinet will be exhibiting at Health 2.0 Meets Ix on April 22-23.

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  1. Navinet doesn’t accept any browser except explorer. First, you did not inform your providers of this prior to them signing up. Secondly, I don’t know how you get away with making providers pay Extra for a program which will allow Apple user to access the explorer program for use on your website. . Its as if the only way you can get payed is convert your money to a different currency and pay a fee for the conversion..
    Neil Bergman Ph.D

  2. Navinet is an outstanding resource for providers. Dealing with multiple payers in one location and one format is very efficient. I hope more payers sign up, and others that are currently signed up add more features. This is a prime example of why the private market should fix itself. It is simply more qualified to do so than the government. Medicare and Medicaid have nothing even close to what Navinet provides.