Jay Parkinson, Hello Health & Myca, talks about the new release

Myca/Hello Health is launching it's new platform in a special Deep Dive at Health 2.0 Meets Ix, Weds 22nd at 12 noon. Sean Khozin will also be demoing it as part of the "Building Health 2.0 into the Delivery System" panel.

What's so intriguing about what Jay Parkinson has been dong with Myca and Hello Health? Jay's been holding himself (and Hello Health) up as a new alternative to the current broken primary care model. So is this really a revolutionary platform? Or are they just tilting at the windmills of America's broken primary care system?

I visited Jay for a chat last week at Hello Health's first outpost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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  1. This is great that collectively the medical community is trying to reach out to ‘the patient’, understanding their needs and finding solutions to address the bugs. As a physician I have felt that the patient who is the most helpless is the one paying out of pocket, with no resources and knowledge about the cost he will have to incur. I have started my company to bridge that gap and help patients find relevant information before the get a service done. This to empower ‘the patient’ to become a savvy customer- http://www.healdeal.com/healdeal/

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