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  1. 3rd degree heart block using a combination of a CCB and b-blocker is a fairly well-known risk. The problem is, you have to use some combination of BP agents to maintain control, and any combination has potential side effects. Many patients are on multiple meds already, and there may be few alternatives left.
    I disagree with Dr. Choi that EMR will improve this much. Almost every doctor I know using EMR routinely bypasses the drug checker since it flags nearly every combination. Most adverse outcomes are statistically unlikely, but not impossible.
    And if Peter thinks doctors are overcompensated, wait until the system is overrun by mid-level providers, endless technocracy, and ever-greedy health insurers. He’ll long for the day he had compassionate, experienced, knowledgeable care from a well-trained physician.

  2. Of course information access is a revolution in Medicine. Who is disputing that?
    It is the issue of distributive justice in Medicine including information access that counts.
    Have the experts in Health 2.0 looked at computer use among low income cohorts?
    Dr. Rick Lippin

  3. And doctors here justify their high rates of compensation because patients need to double check their work? High costs, no better outcomes.

  4. Now, if every provider had a drug interaction check done at the time they prescribed their medications like at my clinic PAMF, then we wouldn’t have to have patients double check on them. Go get better care from folks with better technology e.g. EpiCare EMR.

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