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Holt accepts Beltway role, pledges new era of ‘personable responsibility’

In a dramatic reversal, THCB publisher Matthew Holt announced today that he has accepted a position with the Washington based CATO Institute, a think tank devoted to sober analysis and rigorous defense of the ideals of the modern conservative movement.

At CATO, Holt will hold the title of Distinguished Visiting British Policy Wonk.  He is expected to deliver a series of entertaining lectures designed to warn conservative audiences of the dangers of encroaching big government and the evils of internationalism.

Tentative topics in the  series, scheduled to be held at the Rottweiler Student Center at the American University are “What the Hell is Government, Anyway, Really, When You Think About it?” and “Regulation 2.0: Here We Go Again, This Guy Reminds Me of Jimmy Carter ..”

The appointment represents only the latest chapter in a personal voyage spanning three decades and six continents for Holt. In recent years the blogger and entrepreneur had become synonymous with cheeky criticism of the healthcare industry.

“It all started when I read that Ayn Rand book on a bumpy flight from San Francisco to Nashville,” Holt said. “At first, I thought I was going to be sick, then, in a moment of clarity, I became aware of my numerous internal contradictions. By the time I got off the plane I was composing a personable e-mail to Michael Cannon in my head .. ”

Officials at CATO said they were initially skeptical when Holt approached them with the idea that he join the institute, but gradually warmed to the idea, after thinking about it for a little while.  “Frankly. we thought it was a bit odd,” said Institute spokesman Chet McClellan   “Shit. I mean. Matthew Holt?  But people change. Especially in Washington around stimulus package time. ”

In recent months, Holt had been among a number of candidates rumored to have been headed to a high profile role in the White House Office of New Economic Policy.  (WHONEP).  According to highly placed sources in the administration with an intimate knowledge of events, that lifelong dream came to an premature end last month after Holt offended first lady Michelle Obama with public comments denigrating the Obama Health care reform plan.

According to several witnesses who asked not to be identified, Mrs. Obama flew into an extended rage after learning that Holt had called Mr. Obama’s bold plan to radically reshape the broken US Healthcare System in three months using a handpicked team of people from Massachusetts quote “really silly.”

“Really silly? WTF? The man has a stupid english accent and he can’t spell.” Mrs Obama is reported to have said. “And he doesn’t fact check his blog posts.”

A White House spokesperson denied the incident ever took place.

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  1. > CATO Institute, a think tank devoted to sober analysis and rigorous defense of the ideals of the modern conservative movement.
    Cato is devoted mainly to libertarian ideals, which should NOT be confused with the modern conservative movement, particularly social conservatism.

  2. Assuming this is not a “April fools” announcement; this curious and seemingly mis-fit between Cato and Holt might explain the “editorial activism” associated with Rick Scott’s “CPR/Fannie Med” post.
    The timing of the editorial intervention, ie., removing comments and the Cato deal just seems too tempting to not connect dots.
    See: for some of the original thoughts.

  3. The April 1 post identifies Cato as “think tank devoted to sober analysis and rigorous defense of the ideals of the modern conservative movement.”
    Actually, they are much more of a libertarian group. Libertarianism and conservatism are not always the same thing.

  4. Did anyone double check Cato’s bottle water supply? Is there any “hemp” in the potted plants in their lobby? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. unnamed sources report he will be sharing an office (with wrought-iron doors?) with new chum Richard Scott

  6. Matthew should be praised for finally giving in to the CATO gravitational pull. To resist is futile.
    I’m sure Rick Scott is devastated that Matthew won’t be joining his group. Maybe he can get some of the stimulus money for Rick anyway. He can try for $ for Glen Beck’s crying towels.

  7. Now, when Cato goes down in flames, they’ll have someone to blame! DCK

  8. From an “undisclosed source” who is unable to identify himself because he is not an authorized spokesman. This position is funded through the stimulus package. Mr. Holt declined his salary, not wanting to give the impression that the CATO was ‘handing out’ hard earned tax payer contributions. Our government needs more people like Matt Holt….??is he a legal immigrant?

  9. I always hoped Matthew would do something with his life! It’s just a shame that he’s going to have to take a pay cut in his new role. Maybe this is a stepping stone to bigger things. I have visions of Hannity & Holt…

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