Steven M. Parker of Levelwing was among those who weighed in on the volatile comment thread on Rick Scott's Friday post. ("Patient-based Health Reform or Fannie Med?") Steve had this response to critics who attacked the CPR founder over his record as CEO of Columbia/HCA in the nineties …

"..one thing all of you need to consider is that you continually point
fingers at Rick for having run a company fraught with Medicare
inconsistency, overbilling and defrauding the government. However, you
lack the details on the actual investigation and from where issues
stemmed. Many of the allegations came from hospitals owned by
Columbia/HCA at the time (yes) – but there are many instances that
originated at points prior to Columbia/HCA purchasing or operating
those facilities. The local levels were ultimately at fault in this
situation. Also as an FYI – Columbia/HCA had better patient
satisfaction than most medical facilities in the country during Rick's
helm. There are many details perhaps you should consider, including the
fact that during this same time period a majority of hospitals in this
country were under investigation for the same issues."            

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  1. First, let me clarify that I do not work for Conservatives for Patients’ Rights – but I do 100% fully support the efforts of the organization to better our Nation’s health care system. Secondly, Jason, I’d urge you AGAIN to do your fact checking prior to making the comments that you make on THCB – your credibility should be questioned the further you poke at this issue with negativity and with reckless disregard of the facts. Aren’t you a journalist? I’d highly recommend anyone reading Jason’s comments to question his judgement and tact (specifically on this matter), but perhaps with regard to any comments regarding healthcare.

  2. Ah, the fact is he got bought out of HCA before they were charged. I’m not sure that looks like innocence to me.

  3. No, the fact that Rick Scott was never charged with a crime absolves him of breaking the law.

  4. Wait, so the fact that most hospitals at the time were breaking the law absolves Rick Scott of breaking the law? And that means he’s a credible voice on health care reform? Amazing…