Podcast: Blues VC fund invests in Phreesia

I’ve been following Phreesia since it was two guys in an apartment trying to figure out how to make the patient check-in at the doctors office a better and more useful experience. Today they announced an $11m series C round with new investor BCBS Ventures, a new-ish fund backed by 11 Blues plans. (FD: Phreesia has presented and exhibited at Health 2.0, and I think they’re a great example of using light-weight web technology to solve a messy process problem.) I spoke to Chaim Indig, CEO & President of Phreesia, and new investor Paul Brown, Managing Director of BCBS Ventures Inc this morning. Here’s the interview.

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  1. let’s hope the screen gets wiped with alcohol after each use!

  2. I would think the concern lies within the transfer of germs/disease/infection, etc.

  3. inchoate but earnest–
    Thanks for your question! Since Phreesia gathers so much more than just a patient’s demographic information, we designed an easy-to-use device that enables a diverse patient population to easily enter their complete information. With Phreesia, a doctor has access to a myriad of things in addition to what is covered on a regular intake interview. For example, Phreesia can deliver clinical scales that are scored instantaneously, conduct eligibility and benefits checks in real-time, and get electronic signatures on all of a practice’s privacy, HIPAA and financial policies. Phreesia’s electronic interviews also use sophisticated branching logic that allow for more targeted questioning than is available with traditional paper forms.
    I don’t know your specific reservations about using touchscreens in a doctor’s waiting room, but I can assure you that Phreesia’s technology has been designed with the patient in mind. And patients themselves seem to agree—over 90% of patients prefer checking in with Phreesia than with the traditional paper clipboard!
    Thanks again for your question, and please get in touch with us if you have any more! Call toll-free at 1-888-654-7473 or email info@phreesia.com

  4. I hope this is an app where we just do it from home via the web before we ever arrive at the doctor’s office.

  5. Congrats to the Phreesia guys!
    They have a good niche and we, like them, are delivering paperless solutions to complex and messy processes.
    We wish them the best!

  6. It’s probably just a personal foible, but as leery as I might be of an MD-office keyboard, I’m even more reluctant to employ a touch-screen interface circulating in a doctor’s waiting room.
    Whyn’t enable me to keypad my info from my cellphone, & pipe it in to your system via some SMS variant?

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