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    Gee, all the USA has to do, to be Canada, is lose 2/3rds of its population, 3/4ths of its economy, about 400,000,000 guns, 75,000,000+ addicts (dope, food, smoking), 60,000,000+ legals on WELFARE (they get more in government services than pay in taxes) and 30,000,000 ILLEGALS.
    Brilliant. Can’t wait for that to happen.

  2. Finish the paragraph Barry; “But if you sort of live the average life of Americans and have a Canadian system, they have better primary care, easier access to it. They would never go bankrupt over health care, because they don’t do that up there. They would realize what they are missing here.”
    Here’s another quote:
    “Most Americans, first of all, are bombarded with propaganda. You don’t know how many think tanks are paid by certain industry — insurance, drug, organized medicine — to feed out negative stories about the Canadian health system. They do of course have mishaps, as do we, but there is a whole industry collecting them and beaming them out here.”

  3. There is one sentence from Reinhardt’s comments that, I think, captures why many Americans with good insurance fear radical healthcare reform (especially a single payer system) even if it were to achieve universal coverage and reduce overall costs. The quote is as follows:
    “Third, people imagine having the worst illness, and if you are really very sick in the U.S., you generally do have more hope than in any other country if you are very sick, particularly if you are well insured.”