Nomination for U.S. Surgeon General

This is a reprint of the letter originally posted to Facebook.

Dear President Obama and Former Senator Tom Daschle:

As a physician leader in the medical specialty Preventive Medicine for 30 plus years, I am writing this open e-letter to you to strongly urge you to consider George D. Lundberg, MD as our nations next U.S. Surgeon General.

My letter relates to the distinctly unique qualifications that Dr Lundberg would bring to this important position and to express my views about the position itself since various previous administrations have held variable views on how to define the activities of the position itself. And the “power of personality” of some of our best US Surgeon Generals has influenced the perception of the role.

Dr. Lundberg, as you may know, is one of the most well known and highly regarded physicians in the world especially as it relates to stewardship over medical publications and information. As Editor- in-Chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association’s journal, commonly known as JAMA, between 1982-1999, the most widely read medical journal in the world, Dr Lundberg earned the respect of a worldwide readership of JAMA

In 1999 he then went onto becoming Editor-in-Chief of MEDSCAPE, the leading source of online health information and education for physicians thus establishing himself as genuine pioneer in e-medicine work a trend he recognized very early and began at the AMA. He currently holds that position and has been dubbed “Online HealthCare’s Medicine Man” by The Industry Standard.

Also Dr Lundberg has had extensive experience in effectively utilizing his public speaking and well honed communication skills in addressing both professional and public audiences live and in all categories of the electronic media.

Dr. Lundberg also worked in the fields of tropical medicine and served in the US Army during the Vietnam War leaving as a Lieutenant Colonel after 11years of service. Dr. Lundberg’s major professional interests are toxicology, violence, communication, physician behavior, strategic management and health system reform representing especially outstanding intellectual interests that could be applied successfully to serving as our nation’s Surgeon General.

For more detailed information on Dr. Lundberg I am very pleased to attach both his formal Curriculum Vitae (CV) and an easy to read impressive recent biography.

Regarding the position of US Surgeon General itself I could think of fewer times in our nation’s history which requires a moral leadership voice for science and values based medicine that the present.

Mr President Elect and Senator Daschle – All agree we have a genuine crisis on many levels in US Medicine. Also we need desperately for the medical profession to regain its moral and ethical foundations and furthermore we also need medical leaders who must regain the trust of the American Public which has been dangerously eroded.

In the tradition of many former Surgeon’s General’s who achieved greatness many of whom Dr. Lundberg knew or knows personally, I believe Dr. George Lundberg has the proven experience and gravitas to be our best choice for this important job<

While I respect the importance of communication and media skills in the position of US Surgeon General there is a far greater opportunity for you here to appoint someone to this post who, in addition to possessing the requisite communication skills, will assist you in your long and courageous journey to truly heal American Medicine.

We also can slowly but necessarily regain the respect and reputation that American Medicine once enjoyed both as a scientific and ethical global leader in the Profession and Enterprise of Medicine.

I will be circulating this open letter for other leaders to endorse Dr. Lundberg to further make the case for this outstanding choice.

Thank you for your consideration of this very fine physician leader.Sincerely,

Richard A. Lippin, MD

Visit the Lundberg for U.S. Surgeon General Facebook group.

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