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The L.A. Times reports on the financial difficulties of primary care docs in solo practices. Are large group practices the way of the future?

MartketWatch reports on how interactive video games are motivating people to get active.

The NY Times reports that large health care organizations, including health plans and physician organizations, are getting involved in the "household conversations" Obama’s health team is urging people hold around the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the tobacco industry when it ruled this week that its advertising of "light" cigarettes was misleading and people suffering smoking-related health conditions may sue on grounds of fraud, the NY Times reports.

Here’s a quick case for Web-based electronic medical records system over at Software Advice.com

Over at the Health Affairs blog, Jeff Goldsmith discusses Tom Daschle’s health care reform strategy.

MedHelp the leading online health community connecting people to medical experts, information and shared experiences, and ReliefInsite, the expert in online pain management services, announced a partnership to provide a free pain personal Pain Tracker tool  to MedHelp members.

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