A “blog rally” to improve the end-of-life journey

At least 40 health bloggers plan to post a notice about Engage With Grace: The One Slide Project this Thanksgiving weekend. The Health Care Blog thanks them for their support.

Matthew and Alexandra Drane, CEO of Eliza Corp., came up with the idea after discovering they shared a similar interest in improving end-of-life care. Watch the video below to learn more about Alex’s sister-in-law’s end-of-life journey that inspired this campaign.

Paul Levy, CEO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and author of the Running a Hospital Blog, jumped in and has championed this mission around the blogosphere and Facebook. In the process, he coined a new term "blog rally" — blogs posting on the same topic to raise awareness.

Engage with Grace from Health 2.0 on Vimeo.

Here’s the list of participating bloggers we’d like to thank:

1 – Toni Brayer, EverythingHealth2 – Ileana Balcu 3 – Laurie Edwards4 – Jessica Lipnack, EndlessKnots5 – Dale Micalizzi 6 – John Halamka, Life of Healthcare CIO7 – Nick Jacobs 8 – T9 – Ramona Bates
10 – Monique Spencer11 – Michael Miller 12 – Karma Kitaj 13 – Charlie Baker, Let’s Talk Health Care14 – Dave DeBronkart 15 – Josh Seidman, IX Therapy16 – Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing17 – Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Populi 18 – Dethmama 19 – Stacy Harbst 20 – Barbara Duck 21 – Jennifer Powell 22 – Al Lewis 23 – Pamela Ressler24 – Bruce Campbell25 – Susannah Fox, e-patients.net26 – Emily DeVoto, Health Counterspin27 – Julie Rosen, Healthtalk28 – Bob Coffield, Health Care Law Blog
30 – Mike Magee, Health Commentary31 – Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine32 – Martha Biebinger, commonhealth.wbur.org 33 – Hester Hill Schnipper, RevolutionHealth.com34 – Shuka Kalantari 35 – David Harlow, Health Blawg36 – Liz Cooney (White Coat Notes) 37 – Anonymous 38 – Katherine Hansen 39 – Ted Eyten 40 – Melissa Lowe 41 – Adam Gobin

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