More on Health 2.0 & Ix Synergies

Our IxAction Alliance focused our monthly IxInsights Webinar this week on the synergies between Health 2.0 and information therapy (Ix). This marks the first of a series of activities for the IxCenter on the H20-Ix intersection as we gear up for next spring’s “Health 2.0 Meets Ix” conference in Boston (April 22-23, 2009).

In today’s Webinar, Indu Subaiya, Matthew Holt, and I provided some context for the exploration of the intersection of these two movements. We focused on several key tensions and challenges including:

    * Building Health 2.0 into the delivery system    * Trust, personalization & participatory medicine    * What is the future role of the doctor?    * Info-mediaries: Human & automated navigation    * Knowledge creation: expert vs. wiki    * User-generated health care

We heard from five different innovative companies that have created Ix-oriented Health 2.0 applications.

    * Enhanced Medical Decisions    * Krames    * Healthwise    * Silverlink    * bWell Informed

As we move forward, we’re going to tackle a variety of questions, such as:

  • What are the biggest needs in health care that Ix and Health 2.0 could solve?
  • What are the “home runs” at the intersection of Ix and Health 2.0?
  • What are the most important issues, tools and technologies that we should cover at our April conference?

This is a great time to help shape our agenda. What do you think?

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