The Mormon Church has forfeited its right to not pay taxes

I don’t often use THCB for direct political protests. I don’t care what the obscure cult known as The Church of Jesus and the Latter Day Saints does in the privacy of its own congregation, even though it (like many other churches) discriminates against all types of people and actively excommunicates homosexuals.

I don’t even care that a group that left the east coast because of the discrimination it faced from people and groups there (including the killing of its founder by an angry mob) has somehow become a bastion of its own bigotry. I don’t even care that many in the Mormon church hypocritically wink at the concept of "non-traditional marriages" so long as they contain one man and many women. And I guess that I don’t care that a group of any kind decides to spend $20 million and organize to influence election results, even if their stance is riddled with bigotry and hatred coded with terms about "defending marriage."

But I do care that as a taxpayer I’m forced to subsidize that activity. The Mormon Church pays no taxes, which means that the rest of us pay more and part of the deal they’ve agreed to is that they are a church and not a political organization.

Well, there’s an easy way to try to do something about it. This is an IRS form pre-completed that you can download, complete and email to the IRS asking that they review and change the Mormon church’s tax-exempt status after its appalling behavior over Proposition 8.

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