Happenings in HIT

Cleveland Clinic launched its pilot partnership with Microsoft HealthVault to provide personal health records for 150,000 patients.

CMS selected four companies to pilot its personal health record program: Google, HealthTrio, NoMoreClipboard, and Passport MD. Beginning in January, Medicare beneficiaries will have their claims data automatically added to their PHRs.

Google launched Flu Tracker, a program to help CDC track disease outbreaks in real time by looking for regional trends in search terms.

MedSphere announced a $9.7 million contract with the federal Indian Health Service (IHS) to develop the agency’s EHR system.

Intel unveiled its new telehealth home monitoring technology. According to Health Data Management, "The home computers can be linked to medical devices, including blood pressure
monitors, glucose meters and pulse oximeters, to transmit encrypted data to a
secure server via the Internet. They also can display patient reminders, offer
access to educational content, and accommodate e-mail between caregivers and

Analysts say deCODE Genetics is headed for bankruptcy.

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