Busy, busy, busy

So it’s been a wild month at THCB. While the Health 2.0 conference sucked up every available waking and some non-waking moments in Matthew & John’s lives, Sarah Arnquist—our future Pulitzer Prize winner & THCB’s staff writer & editor—has been keeping the fires stoked with a succession of home-grown & judiciously selected articles. And boy has it appeared to attract the public.

THCB numbers

Yup, great content, fun discussions and a combination of Health 2.0 fever and this little event called an election…and that upward trend in visits we’ve been seeing all year has now really popped. 86,000 visits in October to this little blog (all our visit data is open for you to see at the sitemeter button on the bottom right).

So thanks for coming, thanks for allowing me to do a little trumpet blowing, thanks to everyone who’s written for THCB or allowed us to use their writing, and thanks to Sarah for doing such a great job.

And we’ll be making some other changes to the format and the THCB experience in the next couple of months — so please keep coming back!

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