Health 2.0–Day 2, 3 Health 2.0 CEOs

JohnbushSo it’s Day 2 and I’m taking 2 minutes that I don’t have to comment on an amazing

Jon Bush from AthenaHealth was interviewed (sort of!) by Chris Lawton. He is absolutely hilarious — anyone who can have an audience in stitches about the 67 faxes each day that go into every medial office in America should be in politics! I wont say more but we’re really looking forward to posting the video.

Dan Palestrant talked with David Hamilton about Sermo’s big new deal with Bloomberg. Health 2.0 meets 280,000 financial analysts. And about Google Adwords not being a business model, and how that’s OK with doctors. (Although I keep telling Daniel, it is a business model for Google.)

Finally, Kerry Hicks from HealthGrades allowed Michael Millenson to tease out of him that if you go to a 1-star hospital you have a 70 percent higher chance of dying from a hospitalization than gong to a 5 star hospital. That, Michael suggested, might be a rating that really matters!

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