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  1. How about allowing Medicare to pay for lower cost services delivered in foreign countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica or other popular retiree destinations? Americans already go to these location for lower cost health care and dental work which they pay for out of their own pockets because the costs are so much lower and the quality is good.
    If we really are members of a global society facing a budget pinch, why do we have to insist on paying higher prices in the USA when we can stretch our dollars by using lower costs services available outside the US?

  2. In this context, isn’t a “right” the same thing as a “social responsibility”? That’s redundant. The three options should be right, privilege, and individual responsibility. Or right, privilege, and commodity.

  3. It can’t actually be a right, unless slavery is allowed. If I have a right to health care, someone has an obligation to provide it. I don’t think we can force someone to work for you … I could be wrong, but I think we outlawed that back in the civil war.
    Health care is an entitlement, no different than Social Security or Medicare. Should we, as a rich country provide it for all it’s citizens? Sure. Should I legally force someone to work to provide it to me? No.
    Free speech is a right, I don’t have to work to give you that right. I have to work to protect it, but not to give you the right to free speech. Let’s stop calling it a right, it makes me think you’re pro-slavery.