Hospitals going green

Hospitals generate 6,600 tons of waste per day, and about 80 percent of that is nonhazardous waste. There are lots of opportunities to get greener, and some hospitals really are making concerted efforts to do so.

While they might gain some positive PR from it, there is definitely a financial motivation to cutting energy costs and reducing waste.

Kaiser Permanente is promoting its new facility in Modesto, Calif. as one of the "greenest" hospitals in the country. The hospital saved $500,000 by using green building materials, according to a press release. It also has solar panels, asphalt parking that filters water, and supplies its cafeteria with locally grown produce.

The Green Guide published by National Geographic ranked the top 10 green U.S. hospitals in 2006, and indicated the trend was growing. Then this August, Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine’s cover story about green hospitals.

Practice Green Health has loads of good information and practical steps to make your hospital or health care facility more sustainable and efficient.

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