Help for newly unemployed to decipher COBRA options

The downturn in the economy, means lots of newly unemployed individuals will be asking what happens with their health insurance.

There are a number of online resources to help them understand their options under COBRA. Here are a few:

eHealthInsurance launched a new initiative, www.COBRAlearning.com,
to education consumers about COBRA and alternatives health insurance
for the newly unemployed. Accompanying the launch, was a survey (paid
for by ehealthinsurance) that found many consumers don’t know what
COBRA is or what their options are after losing employment.

Besides having a cheezy name, bWell-Informed Health Plan Forecaster says it offers "vendor-neutral educational and personal underwriting tools" for those Americans who are in the position of having "the freedom, yet responsibility, to choose their own health care."

Here, also are government and nonprofit options. The Department of Labor explains COBRA coverage here. The American Cancer Society also has a page intended to explain COBRA coverage.

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  1. Though both of those sites offer information, Cobra Help Center is the only site that works one one one with each client to help them understand their rights to get enrolled in COBRA, what to do while on COBRA and how to guarantee your family’s well being after your COBRA expires in 18 months. Check them out at http://www.cobrahelpcenter.com and see what they can do to help you with your COBRA Health Insurance.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the bWell-informed Health Plan Forecaster. We really hope that all people looking for individual health insurance — not just those on COBRA — will find it useful in selecting the health insurance that’s right for them!
    Mary Hobson, CMO, bWell Inc.