KevinMD turns into raving socialist…

Well not quite, but in his op-ed at USA Today Kevin talks about why it’s a problem for the US not to have wide deployment of EMRs, and notes that it’s the wrong incentives that are to blame—docs have to pay but others reap the rewards. So in Kevin’s words:

One needs to look at the Department of Veterans Affairs for an optimal model. All of the VA’s primary care physicians, specialists and hospital-based doctors across the country use the same electronic record system. It has played a significant role in the reduction of medical errors, optimization of cost efficiency, and attainment of high scores in preventive care measures.

Kevin’s usually criticizing me for being the wooly lefty, but I could be pardoned for thinking that he’s suggesting that we junk the current US system in favor of rolling all docs and patients into the VA. I wouldn’t suggest that but far be it from me to tell Kev that he’s wrong!

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