If you can stay awake, the candidates’ health plans explained

The New England Journal of Medicine and Harvard University teamed up to bring you this compelling, hour-long nail-biter of Gail Wilensky and David Cutler discussing their respective candidates’ health plans.

I wonder if the NEJM has had to buy more bandwith to support the flood of viewers?


In all seriousness, I think it’s great the NEJM is sponsoring this type
of dialogue. It probably won’t reach many people, but it might reach
and influence those who have the potential to influence others — legislative staffers,
journalists, doctors and health care leaders.

There have been calls recently for more serious coverage of the candidates’ health care issues. We need a mix of coverage. This kind of wonky dialogue and the kind that ordinary folks read and watch — yes that 800-word explainer story with a few pithy quotes.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Soundbites don’t help, but everyone I know says “the plans are online” whether it is economics, foreign policy, or healthcare. Let’s have a debate on healthcare specifically!

  2. I’ve posted links to this, as well as to related online articles in this week’s NEJM, on my health blog, whose massive readership [/snark] likely will go spend the day perusing these articles and the video.