Health2.0: User-Generated Healthcare 2008

October 22 – 23 | The Marriott, San Francisco

Building on the excitement generated by the first two Health 2.0
conferences, Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare promises to take the
conversation to a new level across an even more dynamic and panoramic
landscape.You’ll see action-packed demos of new services and
tools. You’ll see how these new technologies are transforming – and in
some cases not transforming — the healthcare industry. You’ll network
with more than a thousand other health care & tech industry leaders.

Wednesday, October 22nd


Introduction: The Future of Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya, MD / Matthew Holt


Keynote: Health Comes Everybody?

New media pioneer(ing) pundit Clay Shirky gives a new health-related talk


Health 2.0 Across America: The Great American Health
2.0 Tour

See the premier of the new documentary starring David
Kibbe & a cast of thousands. Afterwards, David reflects on the new developments
he discovered across the country regarding Health 2.0.


Networking Break

See the exhibitors and/or catch a sponsored “Deep Dive”

Sponsored Deep Dive from



Consumer Aggregators — One Year Later

Sarasohn-Kahn reviews a major year of product introductions and
controversy. Conversations with, and demonstrations from:

  • Wayne Gattinella, CEO, WebMD
  • Peter Neupert, Corporate VP, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft
  • Ronnie Zeiger, Product Manager, Google Health
  • Mark Bertolini, President, Aetna
  • Michael Yang, VP & GM, Yahoo! Health

Plus some surprise guests and announcements of new partnerships.

We’re also really excited that Federal Health IT Czar Robert Kolodner will be a special commentator on this panel.


Lunchtime Unconference & Launch!

The return of the popular Health 2.0 Unconference & the introduction of Health 2.0 Launch!


Search in the Long Tail & Intelligence in Communities

the promise of Health 2.0 is in searching for and finding exact,
personalized health information content, especially for rare or hard to
categorize conditions. Much of that information is in social networks.
Matthew & Indu will introduce a new framework looking at the
evolution of
search into the long tail. Demonstrations & case studies from:


  • West Shell, CEO, Healthline Networks
  • Tom Eng, President, Healia/Meredith
  • Venky Harinarayan, Co-Founder, Kosmix/RightHealth
  • Steven Krein, CEO, Organized Wisdom

Social Networks:

  • Daniel Palestrant, CEO, Sermo 
  • John DeSouza, CEO, MedHelp
  • Bill Allman, GM, HealthCentral
  • Ben Heywood, CEO, PatientsLikeMe

Reaction and commentary from Gilles Frydman, founder of ACOR — the listserv engine that revolutionized the cancer community.


Breakout Demo  Panels – Session A

so much happening in Health 2.0 that we’re taking a deeper look at
specific technology and business segments in a series of demo-based
break-out panels.

  • Patient Social Networks (Part 1)

    Stead Burwell, CEO, Diabetic Connect; Brian Loew, CEO, Inspire; Glen House, CEO, Disaboom; Amir Leitersdorf, CEO, iMedix; Moderator, Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine

  • Content, Navigation & Advocacy

    Abir Sen, Co-Founder, RedBrick Health ; Andy Cohen, CEO, Caring.com; Michael Keriakos, CEO, WaterFront Media; Kevin Noland, CEO, ADAM; Moderator: Josh Seidman, Center for Ix Therapy; Commentary from Orly Avitzur, Medical Adviser, Consumers Union

  • Managing Money in Health 2.0

    Christopher Park, CEO, Change:Healthcare; Stefanie Fenton, Director of Healthcare, Intuit; Phil Micali, CEO, bWell International; Chini Krishnan, CEO, Vimo; Brandt Cannici, COO, Medicare Saver; Moderator: Scott Shreeve, Crossover Healthcare

  • Clinician Social Networks

    Brijesh Mehta, Co-Founder, MedicalPlexus; Jason Bhan, Co-Founder, Ozmosis;  Moderator: Enoch Choi, PAMF/MedHelp


Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

See the exhibitors and/or catch a sponsored “Deep Dive”

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Breakout Demo Panels – Session B

  • Patient Social Networks (Part 2):

    Jay Drayer, CEO, Careflash; Howard Steinberg, CEO,  DLife; Manny Hernandez, CEO, TuDiabetes; Keith Schorsch, CEO, Trusera; Moderator, Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine

  • Health 2.0 platforms for patient-provider communication:

    Jay Parkinson, CMO, Myca; Daniel Sands, Senior Director, Cisco; Yael Glassman, SVP, Marketing, American Well; Michael Gorton, CEO, Teladoc; Moderator: David Kibbe

  • Health Plans and Health 2.0:

    Joe Gifford, CMO, The Regence Group; Alexandra Drane, President, Eliza; Albert Prast, CIO, Connextions; Tony Miller, CEO, Carol; Moderator, Brian Klepper

  • Provider search, directories & ratings

    MaryAnn Stump, CEO, Consumer Aware; Daniel Kogan, CEO HealthWorldWeb; Cyrus Massoumi, CEO, ZocDoc; Spencer Punter, CEO, Emphasis Search; Moderator, Michael Millenson


The Business Case for Health 2.0

will today’s obvious social value and consumer enthusiasm be turned
into revenue for sustainable businesses? Scott Shreeve will head a
panel talking to payers, employers, pharma, media, and government. He’ll ask
where the opportunities will be and who’ll be writing the checks, and for what? Panelists will include:

  • Anna-Lisa Silvestre, VP Online Services, Kaiser Permanente 
  • Mitzi Reaugh, GM, NBC Digital Health Network
  • Ken Shachmut, SVP, Health Initiatives, Safeway

Day 1 Wrap Up

Indu Subaiya & Matthew Holt will keep you from cocktails for a minute or two.


Cocktail Reception

Network with your new (or old) friends, talk to some of the exhibitors, hang out in the Lounge, play games, and have fun!


Self-Organizing Dinner Groups

yourself on one of the best cities in the world for eating — with
people who care about what you want to talk about. We’ll have a sign up
system for groups and book some great places for you to go eat at. If
you’re lucky, the investment banker or pharma company VP will pick up
the check (no guarantees!)

Thursday, October 23rd


Breakfast & catch a sponsored “Deep Dive”



Introduction to Day 2 & Recap

Indu Subaiya, MD / Matthew Holt


3 Health 2.0 CEOs

CEOs from companies transforming, and being transformed by, Health 2.0,
talk about the future of their businesses. Conversations with Jonathan
Bush, (AthenaHealth), Kerry Hicks, (HealthGrades) & Daniel
Palestrant (Sermo).


Health 2.0 Around the World

of the US, Health 2.0 is taking off. James Matthews–global citizen and
VP of Biz Dev at Sage Software–will take you on a tour of examples from
Europe, Asia and the developing world where Health 2.0 tools and
technologies are making a big difference. Panelists will include:

  • Paul Meyer, CEO, Voxiva 
  • Thomas Liedtke, Head of Emerging Healthcare, ICW AG
  • Marlene Winfield, SVP, Healthspace, NHS Connecting for Health
  • David Webster, IDEO

Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

See the exhibitors and/or catch a sponsored “Deep Dive”


Tools for Consumers

Along with search and community, tools are the “third leg” of the Health 2.0
stool. While they have historically been the least developed, they are now much more sophisticated and have great potential to
fundamentally change care. Indu & Matthew will introduce a new model for
understanding tools within the Health 2.0 context, and look at their
ability to offer personalized information and enable decisions and transactions. We’ll be
showing the best tools in clinical decision support, diagnostics and
financial management.

Panelists will include:

  • Roy Schoenberg, CEO, American Well 
  • Michael Cho, CEO, DestinationRx
  • Adam Bosworth, CEO, Keas
  • Marlene Beggelman, CEO, Enhanced Medical Decisions
  • Stefanie Fenton, Director of Healthcare, Intuit

…and many special guests and surprises

Panel Sponsored by

Health Grades




Getting Past the Privacy Conundrum

Markle Foundation’s Josh Lemieux leads a discussion about how the
issues of privacy, confidentiality and security will impact consumer
confidence in Health 2.0. But more importantly, we’ll be demonstrating
several solutions to get us past the privacy conundrum.


Breakout Demo Panels – Session C

  • Wellness 2.0

      Fred Goldstein, President & COO, US Preventive Medicine; Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade; Amir Kishon, CEO, Wellness layers; Moderator, Jeremy Nobel

    Sponsored by

    Physic Ventures

  • Genomics online

      Linda Avey, Co-CEO, 23andMe; Mari Baker, CEO, Navigenics; Moderator, Greg Simons, Faster Cures

  • Pharmacy and medication management

      Peter Ax, CEO, Kwikmed; Eric Zimmerman, Chief Innovation Officer, Mirixa; Rick Noffsinger, CEO, SafeMed; Sean Teare, President, InnovationRx. Moderator, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, THINK-Health

  • Search (Part 1)

      Alain Rappaport, GM, Health Search, Microsoft Health Solutions; Venky, Harinaryan, Co-Founder, Kosmix/RightHealth; Rishi Sikka, CMO, Praxeon; Steven Krein, CEO, Organized Wisdom;  Moderator, Craig Stoltz


Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

See the exhibitors and/or catch a sponsored “Deep Dive”


Breakout Demo Panels- Session D

  • Pharma and Health 2.0

    Andrew Levitt, CEO, HealthTalker; Kerry Hicks, CEO, HealthGrades; Jeff Shrager, CTO; CollabRx; Meredith Abreu, VP, Manhattan Research; Moderator, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, THINK-Health

  • Gaming in Health Care

    Richard Buday, CEO, ArchImage; Paul Puopolo, Humana; Richard Tate, Director, Communications & Marketing, HopeLab; Michael Cole,  Fitbrains; Moderator, Doug Goldstein, Gaming4Health

  • Disease Management 2.0

    Stan Nowak, CEO, Silverlink; Ileana Welte, SVP, Health Hero Network; Neal Kaufman, CEO, Diabetes Prevention Source; Don Kemper, CEO, Healthwise; Moderator, Joseph Kvedar, Center for Connected Health

  • Search (Part 2)

    Tom Eng, President & Founder, Healia/Meredith Corp.; West Shell, CEO, Healthline Networks; Laird Kelly, CEO, RSIFocalSearch; Riza Berkan, Co-Founder & CEO, Hakia;  Moderator, Craig Stoltz


Looking ahead—The Business and Society of Health 2.0

is now “traditional” the conference will close with speculation,
commentary and forecasts from a stellar panel, while taking lots of
time for participation from the audience and community. Noted analyst Brian Klepper will marshal proceedings amongst:

  • Rob Kolodner, National Coordinator, ONCHIT 
  • David Kibbe,  Senior Advisor, AAFP
  • David Lansky, CEO, Pacific Business Group on Health
  • Alan Greene, Founder of Drgreene.com & CMO, ADAM

Conference Wrap Up

Subaiya & Matthew Holt will keep you from cocktails for just more
than a minute or two while we get reactions to two intense days of
scanning the waterfront of Health 2.0



among the exhibitors, hang out in the Lounge, play games, and have fun!
You won’t get this chance again until the next Health 2.0 Conference!

Also at Health 2.0

You’ll also see and/or
take part in the following special features, with more to be announced:

  • The Health 2.0 Unconference (the audience favorite from the last two conferences)
  • Health 2.0 Launch! — special introduction of new companies and new products
  • IDEO will run another great design workshop
  • And you can relax in the Health 2.0 Experiential Lounge, with games and demonstrations.

(Agenda is subject to change)

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