Matthew Holt

Adam Bosworth speaks about Google Health, Keas and everything

Adam_bosworthAfter a long period of time I’ve finally wrestled Adam Bosworth to the floor and forced
the microphone to his mouth. Adam of course is the software guru (he’s one of the originators of XML) who went to Google to start Google Health, and spent much of 2007 talking about how he hoped Google Health would change health care. He then left Google Health (several months before it launched in March 2008) and at the very end of 2007 founded Keas. Adam will be at the Health 2.0 Conference and while Keas is in stealth mode at the moment, he may just be ready to show us all a bit of Keas’ technology by then.

But he also has very strong views on health technology, data, PHRs. HealthVault & Google Health, and much much more. Listen to the interview.

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  1. Now Google is branching to the medical community? It’s only a matter of time before someone calls “Monopoly” on them. Google is quickly becoming big brother.
    Great blog!

  2. How do you get these terrific one-on-ones, Matt? I’ve been wanting to hear Bosworth speak on the topic of Google Health since the day he announced his departure from Google; can’t wait to find out what’s on his mind!
    Thank you for being you. 🙂