T-Shirt Health 2.0 conference ego surfing

So this is how fashion insurgencies start…Brian Klepper sent me this email. I assume they felt like the two Hollywood starlets who show up at the Oscars wearing the same dress!

“So David Foster, Director of Product Management for Healthwise, visits Jax where he’s from. Because he reads THCB, he knows that I’m here, and so he drops me a note suggesting we meet at the Beaches Diner for breakfast this a.m. I’m in standard uniform, shorts and a t-shirt. I walk in and he’s wearing the same shirt. I think this means you’ve officially become a brand. We had the cashier take a picture to prove it.”

Health 2.0 Tshirts

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  1. After a nice discussion with Brian about expert authored content and decision support rules, I headed over to the Cummer Art Gallery to check out the medical illustration exhibit. There were a few pieces by Healthwise Medical Illustrator Steve Graepel exhibited right alongside the master illustrator Eleanora Fry. The program/catalog for the show is a sketchbook. I saw a number of art students making their own drawings referencing the exhibited works. How is that for user generated health content?