Interview with Trizetto & Eliza

Due to poor planning on my part, this morning I was up scandalously early to talk with Gene Drabinksi, who runs the CareAdvance unit of Trizetto, and Alexandra Drane, President of Eliza.

Last week they announced a partnership that integrates the care management aspects of Trizetto’s services with the automated phone outreach provided by Eliza. It’s another step in the evolution of phone-based contact and personalization in health care — which, the careful THCB reader will have noted, I think is an important channel for delivering and capturing health information.

Of particular importance, is making useful that vast glob of data stored within a health plan by communicating about it with the members. It’s also always good to hear from some experienced and passionate players, and Alex and Gene certainly fit that bill. As I hadn’t had any coffee, I wouldn’t claim the same for myself!

Here’s the interview.

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