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Maui AgeWave, a company working to expand the use of digital telehealth technologies  to help people age in place, is in the early planning stages of a Maui Connected Care System ("MCCS") conference. If any of THCB readers would like to get involved as a speaker, new product exhibitor, sponsor, or attendee, we’re eager to hear from you.

We’re going for a high quality "Aloha" experience for our attendees. Besides having fun on Maui, we’ll be looking for help mapping a "Maui Connected Care" model, which participants will have a chance to help design in workshops and implement after the conference with their products and services. In this sense, the conference may be viewed as a unique "have fun, meet interesting people and produce something timely and useful" conference experience for everyone who attends. Equally important, designing, implementing, and tracking costs/benefits/health outcomes of this  MCCS is  intended to  serve as a validating model which can be replicated across Hawaii and elsewhere.

Anyone with experience designing and implementing RHIO, H.I.E, EHR and EMR concepts should be interested in helping us sponsor and inform this conference. Likewise, we strongly encourage companies to attend who believe they can empower people to age-in- place with their innovative home care devices. We will, of course, also be inviting key stakeholders and health care executives across Hawaii to attend.

Quite frankly, we’re hoping that this conference will enable Maui AgeWave LLC to meet and  enter into strategic alliances with  attendees whose expertise, services and products will enable us to create the  MCCS we describe here.

For details, contact Peter Durkson.

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