AMA and AHIP go head to head with TV ads

The American Medical Association this week began a television ad campaign, lambasting Republican Senators who failed to prevent the July 1 automatic 10.6 percent Medicare physician fee cut.

In the one-minute ad, AMA President Nancy Nielsen says, "A group of Senators decided it was more important to protect the health insurers than seniors."

Just as Robert Laszewski predicted here last week, the doctors are coming out in full lobbying force.

But wait. The Association of Health Insurance Plans is also running ads filled with nice looking seniors saying that to protect seniors Congress must protect the Medicare Advantage program.

Who is a senior taking 10 prescription medications for six chronic diseases with a calendar full of doctor’s appointments to believe?

Here are the ads.

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It’s too bad that Private Fee For Service (PFFS) Medicare Advantage, which has nothing to recommend it from a public interest perspective, has begun to tarnish the reputation of standard Medicare Advantage. The traditional program needs some tweaking, but is basically sound and adds value both in additional care management services and additional benefits. For years a few HMOs were able to maintain Medicare enrollees and provide additional services at no additional cost to the government. But even if there is a small additional cost, that may be justified as well. If an HMO has to take in a dollar… Read more »


I think this is the AMA ad (the NH version, at least): http://ondemand.streamernet.net/amamedia/PicnicNH.wmv


I’m not sure that AMA video is the TV ad – that’s more Nielsen’s message to AMA members.