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FORBES: Fed Chief Ben Bernanke fans the flames of
health reform. "It’s not just balancing the federal budget; it’s really
a much broader question of the stability and strength of our economy
over a longer period of time," Benanke said.CHICAGO TRIBUNE: AMA turns thumbs down to secret medical shoppers. "It is grossly unethical," said Dr. Howard Chodash, a professor at Southern Illinois University Medical School.

WASH POST: "Halting runaway medical inflation represents a potential victory for all generations," wrote Sandra Day O’Connor and James R. Jones.

BOSTON GLOBE: "No single reform would do as much to improve the wealth of our nation and the lives of Americans as a comprehensive overhaul of our healthcare system. But the best chance of swift and major reform may have died with the end of Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House," consultant Ellen Lutch Bender wrote in an Op-ed.

US NEWS: 6 Ways to Avoid Dying of a Surprise Heart Attack — inspired by the unfortunate and untimely death of Tim Russert.

NY TIMES: Massachusetts health reform working but challenges remain.

CNN: Baby Boomers seek "brain fitness" gurus.

AMA NEWS: Patients don’t use online ratings to pick docs but do rely on word of mouth online.

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