Microsoft Health Vault gearing up

Just a week after certain blogs (including this one) seem to have gone Google Health crazy, Microsoft gears up for its HealthVault Partners meeting next week in Seattle with both a $1.4- million  increase in its BeWell funding for HealthvVault partner applications (an idea originally thought up by Grad Conn in the shower, so he says), and by MSFT Health Solutions Group’s head honcho Peter Neupert’s blog, Neupert On Health.

Peter will discover that the blog is a cruel mistress, but it’s great to see them getting more and more serious about Health (even in a week when some less successful non-health care projects have been trimmed).

FD. Peter will be back at Health 2.0 this fall, but sadly I won’t be in Seattle because I’ll be jetting to Ix Therapy in Washington DC instead.

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