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Highly Credible Poll of the Day: Seven percent of Americans marry for health insurance

WSJ Health Blog:  In wake of celebrity snooping cases UCLA officials say "new system will make employees list their connection to the patient
and will warn them if they’re entering “an especially protected chart."

Calif. Gov will try to push through health care plan in Sacramento after defeat last year. Schwarzenegger to AP: "We’ll try again. We will continue on, keeping
the stakeholders together, fine-tuning it and seeing if we can improve
on it since we have the time now, then be back again. We feel very

Relatives of U.S. victims testify to Congress in tainted heparin case.

FDA: Contamination "probably intentional."

National Review: "incident exposes the ugly little secret about drug importation as a
means to lower the cost of medicine. Substandard and counterfeit drugs
proliferate in many countries in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere."

Surrendered to the void: LSD inventor Albert Hoffman dead at the age of 102

NIH Joins Newly Formed International Cancer Genome Consortium

Washington Post: Two Research Teams Reverse Congenital Blindness Using Genetically Altered Viruses

Seattle Times: Targeted Genetics Introduces Gene Therapy

Washington Post: Mining Cancer with Nano Gold in Maryland

MedPage: Pretty Pictures – French Develop Next-Gen, Graphical Medical Communications System

Open Call to MedBloggers- Join Blogging Against Disablism Day May 1st

Healthcare stocks. What’s the prognosis?

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