We asked THCB contributor Maggie Mahar for her quick take on the health care policies of each of the presidential candidates. We were pretty much expecting one of Maggie’s trademarked dissertations – a meticulously researched critique of each politician’s views on various important substantive issues. Instead this entertaining reply turned up in our email inbox.

“If Clinton wins we have real national health care reform.

If Obama wins, I’m not so sure, given that Cutler thinks we’re getting value for our dollars, and healthcare doesn’t seem to be a big priority for Obama (although his plan seems a lot like hers).

If McCain wins, we all move to Canada. Northern Canada, where will not only have healthcare, but may be able to avoid the fall-out from the nuclear war that he starts.”

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  1. If Maggie thinks Clinton is going to accomplish “real health reform” inheriting a $500 billion budget deficit for FY 2008, she’ll fooling herself. If it’s a serious recession, the deficit will be much more than $500 billion. Canceling the Bush tax cuts will close about $40 billion of that deficit (money she “dedicated” to paying for her plan), and cuts in Medicare and Medicaid that could have been reallocated to expanding access will also be swallowed up in deficit reduction. Where is the funding for “universal” coverage (minus illegals), mental health parity, and the cap of 10% on a family’s health care spending going to come from? There is no credible pricetag on all her promises (hint- it’ll be way north of $200 billion), and not a chance in hell that she can pay for it. Don’t hold your breath.