Monday Freedom Watch

From Canada:

“Liberty – hostage to medicare

“The Ontario Superior Court on Thursday rejected a Sikh man’s claim to a
religious-freedom exemption from the province’s law on mandatory
motorcycle helmets. Supporters of safety as the holiest of political
principles upheld the ruling as a triumph of reason; Sikh organizations
denounced it as an act of naked discrimination against their faith. Few
stepped forward to defend the idea that an adult in a free society
should be able to wear what he wants and take the risks he wants where
only his own body is concerned…”

Read the whole thing… and comment here…

As we consider health care reform—shouldn’t we protect freedom first?

Or: do we prefer this? Or, this?

Perhaps we’ll just end up with this.

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  1. What about my freedom? Freedom from seeing my tax dollars pay for some idiots SNF and head injury rehab because he won’t wear a helmet. Your point is obviously the slippery slope of accountability vs.individual freedom under socialized medicine. But I am afraid Eric that we are already very far down that slope. Ever heard of Medicaid or Medi-Care?

  2. I thought that Matthew was making a funny until I realized it was Eric practicing self-parody. You are aware, no doubt, that the Sikh would have lost his case in this country?