Today it’s HIMSS. Yesterday I spoke to the CHIME CIOs and had a good time. Today I’m talking to the Cisco Community for Connected Health and the rest of the time I’ll be accosting people with a microphone. Come back over the days to come to see.

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  1. This comment stands as a public announcement:
    HIMSS is staffed by a circus of non-clinical employees and should not be regarded as a leader in health information technology.
    HIMSS engages business practices that violate human rights policy and malingers as a 501 (C) (6) non- profit tax exempt organization. HIMSS runs a pay-to-play scheme with CCHIT (in Crook County , Illinois).
    THE STRAIGHT TALK: HIMSS is really a For-profit money grabbing organization and pays its CEO an outrageous salary. HIMSS is another fine example of people profiting on the backs of the sick and poor.
    GAME OVER, HIMSS, your hand got stuck in the taxpayer cookie jar.

  2. Unfortunately, I missed your HIMSS presentation. I heard you were both informative and an entertaining speaker. I will look forward to an opportunity to hear you another time.