HEALTH PLANS: WellCare…killing health care some more?

After last Fall’s FBI raid the top management at Wellcare resigned on Friday. The board is hoping that the new CEO, former United executive Charles Berg, will right the ship. After all who could we trust more than the WellCare board to guarantee that the taxpayer and patients will have their affairs conducted in proper and decent order. Because there’s no chance that anyone on the WellCare board has ever taken advantage of their position in order to simply cash in, oh wait….

Well then surely there’s no chance that the three senior execs who resigned are the three who also sold millions in stock a few months before the FBI raids, is there? Oh it was them? That’s a surprise–and what about that other board member who also cashed in big time?

I guess I’ll check the comments section on this post to get Reggie’s  explanation…

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  1. What are the premiums per month on the sonata plan of the well care insurance plan?