QUALITY: Last name nepotism? DrGreene on the NY Times

So Indu & I invite Alan Greene and Sarah Greene out to dinner in Utah few months ago. Alan is famed pediatrician from drgreene.com. Sarah runs the NY Times Health page. And now Alan has his own column on parenting on NY Times.com. And both their last names are Greene! A coincidence? I think not!

(Actually I think it’s great to have such innovation on the NYT, but this was too hard to resist!)


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  1. We’re big fans of both Dr. Greene and the great work Sarah has been doing to build up the NYTimes Health Section. Congrats to all involved and look forward to reading yet another great new column in the Health section.
    P.S. Matthew, great dinner in Utah, and see you in a few hours in Boston.

  2. Congrats to both Green(e)s–a great move for both.
    Alan: A bottle of organic wine to celebrate. Sarah: You too. Alan says the stuff is better than “regular” wine.