POLITICS: More on the Presidential plan comparison

Long time THCB friend Steve Beller tells me this:

We’ve created a Comparative Analysis of Presidential Health Care Plans, which analyzes much of the details of Susan Blumenthal’s and Kaisers’ work in order to identify top candidates based on voters’ wants and needs. We’ve taken a unique approach in which the complex details are distilled into categories of strategies that simplify comparisons between the candidates, and we’ve included comments on the key factors (with several quotes from Maggie Mahar’s blog and input from Barry Carol). It then groups the candidates on whether they propose universal healthcare, and it  ranks them by the amount of attention they give to quality improvement and cost control. Then it matches the candidates to 18 types of consumers, which take into account their current insurance and health situation, their income level, and their support of good care for all.

Here’s the link.

Take a look and feel free of course to give your comments to Steve over on his blog or here.

Meanwhile as major bloggers are dropping like flies from the stress, (get soon well Om!), I feel good about the fact that I took the weekend off to go snow-boarding in some of the best powder the Sierras has seen in a while. And that’ll be all from me today!