Meanwhile, if you’ve been thinking about signing up for a pass to the next Health 2.0 conference you have until midnight today to qualify for our early bird rates. Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers will be held March 3-4 in San Diego at the Westin San Diego.  We’ve worked out a great deal with the Westin that will get you a room for the low rate of $229 plus tax a night. The Reservations Hotline is 888.627.9033. You’ll need to mention Health 2.0 when you call to be eligible for this rate. 
As a gentle reminder, if you’ve signed up for Health 2.0 San Diego but not completed the registration process you’ll need to finish the process by giving us a credit card in order to qualify for the rate.

In other Health 2.0 news, we are pleased to announce that Esther Dyson of EdVenture and Dr. David Kibbe MD MBA of the AAFP
have officially joined the Health 2.0 advisory board. For more details
see the release. If you missed the sold out Health 2.0 User Generated
Content in San Francisco you are now officially in luck. The 4 DVD box set of conference highlights is now available for
purchase. And just in time for Christmas! Starring Dr. David Brailer,
Sermo’s Daniel Palestrant, Esther Dyson, Google, Yahoo! Healthline,
Microsoft, Cisco, WebMD, Patients Like Me, Daily Strength, Organized
Wisdom, Enhanced Medical Decisions, Health 2.0 founders Matthew Holt
and Indu Subaiya and many many more.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to keep up with Health 2.0 related news and conference developments you should probably sign up for our mailing list. We now return to our regularly scheduled blogcast.

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  2. I’ve been working on some health2.0 things of my own of late, and found it really difficult to keep abreast of the latest relevant information. So in an attempt to make my life easier I threw together this app with a bunch of smarts in the background to gather data. I’m hoping with a few like minded people using it though we’ll quickly be able to isolate the things that are interesting and relevant. At the very least, I hope it’ll make your life easier in sourcing new content for this excellent blog.

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