Physicians: Sermo allowing docs to discuss chart errors about them! by Matthew Holt

Sermo got some press this week about a thread that’s of lots of interest to all of us–medical errors and inaccurate records:

Several years ago, Botney visited a specialist to check out a
bothersome lump in his cheek. He took some medicine and the problem
went away.Out of curiosity, Botney thumbed through his chart and was
surprised to find a note from the doctor saying he had a stroke."I
never even had the symptoms of a stroke. No visual changes, no
weakness, no numbness, nothing," Botney, an anesthesiologist at Oregon
Health & Science University, said in a telephone interview from

The key difference here is that
physicians were talking about this with other physicians. The next
question is whether this will blossom as an issue because it’s now
being talked about online? Or will it get hidden under the medical
carpet as has been the issue of medical errors for all these years?

Also worth noting that one of the leading docs in the patient safety movement, Bob Wachter, has a new-ish blog out too that’s well worth a look. I’m happy to report that Bob is also now a contributor at THCB. If you haven’t yet, immediately sally forth and read his recent posts "Dennis Quaid’s Kids – Are VIPs Safer?" and  "When is a Medical Error a Crime." Both have interesting comment threads developing.Comment on this post at the Health 2.0 Blog


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