Health 2.0 Second Life–maybe I can be convinced, by Matthew Holt

Despite all the hype, I’ve been very down on Second Life.  I’ve downloaded the app, logged on, blundered
around and never figured out how to make it work. I spent my first 4
goes trying and failing to get off the first island where you’re supposed to do a series of tests. There’s no
tutorial, no clear explanation of how to make your avatar move around,
and almost no help. That’s why despite 2 million downloads only some
30–50,000 people seem to be regular users.

But despite that, I managed to be introduced to some people with
various disabilities and various conditions who were using Second Life.
Last week I logged on with their help and met them. They helped me
teleport over to their island, and they spoke with great hope and
expectation about the power they felt that Second Life gave people who
had problems leaving the house, meeting others, and generally dealing
with some of the every day activities of daily life.

I’ll tell you more as this goes on, and as I get permission to share
more. But perhaps I can be convinced that the problems Second Life
gives the initial user can be overcome. And perhaps something very
valuable can be created there that has very positive health benefits.

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