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The Fall 2007 Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare Conference" is history, but we’re back! For 2008, Health 2.0 is going to be doing things a little bit differently. The annual conference will cover the waterfront in the development of Health 2.0. But we’re also going to be having other meetings aside from the main conference.

The first is our Spring Fling. Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers & Providers will be held on March 3-4, 2008 at the Westin San Diego. We will focus on consumers & providers using Health 2.0 tools and technologies. Come meet patients, consumers and providers up close, and see them
interact with the tools provided by leading Health 2.0 companies. And
come meet and network with the leaders in the Health 2.0 movement.

Sign up today and qualify for early bird rates.

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  1. This is interesting but I can’t find the rates for the conference anywhere, aside from registering. Could someone put them up on the Health 2.0 site?

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